28 Aug

LinkedIn’s 25 Highly Sought After Skills of 2018 & How to Get Them

LinkedIn Listed 25 Highly Sought After Hard Skills of 2018 & How to Get Them

Using LinkedIn data from their 500+ million members, LinkedIn identified the skills companies were working the hardest to fill. Coupled with related jobs, their average salaries and courses that teach those skills.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

Related Jobs: Platform Engineer ($120,000), Cloud Architect ($135,000)

Recommended Courses: Amazon Web Services: Storage and Data ManagementCloud Architecture: Advanced ConceptsCloud Computing Career Paths and Certifications: First Steps

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Related Jobs: Business Analyst ($72,000), Data Analyst ($62,000), Statistician ($90,200)

Recommended Courses: The Essential Elements of Predictive Analytics and Data MiningData Science Foundations: FundamentalsSQL Essential Training

3. Middleware and Integration Software

Related Jobs: IT Manager ($95,000), Systems Integration Engineer ($98,000)

Recommended Courses: ASP.NET Core: MiddlewareLearn API Documentation with JSON and XMLJavaScript and JSON: Integration Techniques

4. Web Architecture and Development Framework

Related Jobs: Web developer ($65,000), Full Stack Web Developer ($77,000)

Recommended Courses: Building Angular and Node Apps with AuthenticationCreating Your First RESTful Spring Boot Microservice with JPAReact: Replacing Legacy Projects

5. User Interface Design

Related Jobs: UX Designer ($85,000), Web Developer ($65,000), UI Designer ($72,000)

Recommended Courses: UX Foundations: PrototypingCreating a Design System with Sketch, Planning a Career in User Experience

6. Software Revision Control Systems

Related Jobs: Web Developer ($65,000), Software Programmer ($64,000)

Recommended Courses: SVN for Java DevelopersGit Essential TrainingLearning Software Version Control

7. Data Presentation

Related Jobs: Graphic Designer ($45,000), Data Scientist ($113,000), Business Consultant ($83,000)

Recommended Courses: Learning Data VisualizationData Visualization: Best PracticesLearning Graphic Design: Presentations

8. SEO/SEM Marketing

Related Jobs: Marketing Specialist ($49,000), Online Marketing Manager ($80,000), Advertising Manager ($61,200)

Recommended Courses: SEO FoundationsIntroduction to PPC with Google AdWords and Bing AdsLearning SEO Tools

9. Mobile Development

Related Jobs: Mobile Engineer ($95,000), Mobile Application Developer ($83,800)

Recommended Courses: Android Development Essential Training: Create Your First AppAdvanced iOS App Development: Core MotionPrototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer

10. Network and Information Security

Related Jobs: Information Security Specialist ($96,000), Cyber Security Specialist ($92,500)

Recommended Courses: IT Security Foundations: Network SecurityData-Driven Network Security EssentialsImplementing an Information Security Program

11. Marketing Campaign Management

Related Jobs: Online Marketing Manager ($80,000), Digital Marketing Specialist ($52,000), Digital Marketing Manager ($77,000)

Recommended Courses: Create a Go-To-Market PlanBuilding Your Marketing Technology StackMarketing Analytics: Segmentation and Testing

12. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

Related Jobs: Software Engineer ($95,000), Database Developer ($85,000), Data Analyst ($62,000)

Recommended Courses: Data Science Foundations: Data EngineeringSQL Essential TrainingTransitioning from Data Warehousing to Big Data

13. Storage Systems and Management

Related Jobs: Database Administrator ($91,000), System Administrator ($68,800)

Recommended Courses: Microsoft Azure: Design an Application Storage and Data Access StrategyGoogle Drive Essential TrainingLinux: Storage Systems

14. Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Related Jobs: Electrical Engineer ($81,000), Electronic Engineer ($88,400)

Recommended Courses: AutoCAD Electrical Essential TrainingLearning MATLABElectronics Foundations: Semiconductor Devices

15. Algorithm Design

Related Jobs: Software Engineer ($95,000), Lead Software Engineer ($120,000), Lead Developer ($109,000)

Recommended Courses: Machine Learning & AI Foundations: Value EstimationsMachine Learning & AI Foundations: Decision TreesMachine Learning & AI: Advanced Decision Trees

16. Perl/Python/Ruby

Related Jobs: Software Engineer ($95,000), Data Scientist ($113,000)

Recommended Courses: Learning the Python 3 Standard LibraryPython Design PatternsPython Projects

17. Shell Scripting Languages

Related Jobs: Linux System Administrator ($75,000), System Engineer ($90,000), Java Developer ($80,000)

Recommended Courses: Learning Linux Shell ScriptingPerl 5 Essential TrainingLearning PowerShell 5

18. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems

Related Jobs: System Administrator ($68,800), Linux System Administrator ($75,000)

Recommended Courses: Learning Linux Command LineCert Prep: Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Essential Training

19. Java Development

Related Jobs: Java Developer ($80,000), Web Developer ($65,000)

Recommended Courses: Kotlin for Java DevelopersJSON Processing with Java EEJava 8 Essential Training

20. Business Intelligence

Related Jobs: Business Intelligence Analyst ($73,100), Forecast Analyst ($64,000)

Recommended Courses: Power BI Pro Essential TrainingBalanced Scorecard and Key Performance IndicatorsFinancial Forecasting with Big Data

21. Software QA and User Testing

Related Jobs: User Experience Engineer ($85,000), Software Test Engineer ($80,000), Quality Assurance Engineer ($77,000)

Recommended Courses: Programming Foundations: Software Quality AssurancePenetration Testing Essential TrainingUX Foundations: Usability Testing

22. Virtualization

Related Jobs: Network Engineer ($82,000), Network Administrator ($65,000)

Recommended Courses: Learning VMware vSphere 6.5VMware vSphere: Upgrade a Deployment to vSphere 6.5Windows Server 2016: Configure Hyper-V

23. Automotive Services, Parts and Design

Related Jobs: Vehicle Engineer ($96,500), Industrial Designer ($63,600)

Recommended Courses: Learning CATIA v5Alias Essential TrainingInsights on Automotive Design with Veejay Gahir

24. Economics

Related Jobs: Business Development Manager ($99,000), Auditor ($56,000), Research Analyst ($56,400)

Recommended Courses: Managerial EconomicsApplied Economic Forecasting with Big DataBlockchain Basics

25. Database Management and Software

Related Jobs: Database Specialist ($53,000), Database Administrator ($91,000)

Recommended Courses: Database Foundations: AdministrationMicrosoft SQL Server 2016: Installation and AdministrationOracle 12c Database: Administration

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21 Aug

#GamesCom2018: Is the African Corner at #DevCom a Life Line of Potential?

#GamesCom2018: Is the African Corner at #DevCom a Life Line for Potential?

Paradise Game, the west-African start-up, responsible for the first major video game and eSport festival in Africa, the FEJA (Festival de L’Electronique et du Jeu vidéo d’Abidjan facilitated an African section at the just ended devcom 2018.

For the 10th anniversary of Gamescom, during the largest European game convention, several African game developers participate in Devcom, the interdependent game developer conference held in mid-August.

Hosted at Koelnmesse International Fair and Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany, the African game developers will be in a section named “Africa Corner by Paradise Game”. An area dedicated to video games made in Africa; offering these developers the opportunity to show their games to industry professionals, as well as to showcase the African culture through their games.

One of the represented projects;  Kisoro Tribal Game was created by Teddy Kisoro, a young computer engineer, who after observing a lack of  African diversity in the gaming world decided to create a game that features characters and an African context.

In an interview with Negro News Teddy explained the importance of Digital Storytelling;

 ”  I decided to create the first game in Toulouse studio based on African universe, myths, legends, famous characters …to highlight the Central African culture, promote peace, share this culture with the world and send a message to the African youth, “

Sidick Bakayoko, Founder and CEO of Paradise Game detailed his ambitious hopes of having a Digital Media driven African economy:

“Our dream is to have video games as one of the main driver of the African economy, and as a way to employ millions of people throughout the continent. In order to get there, we need a strong ecosystem with game developers from Africa who export their games in the world and gain publicity internationally”.

In an article by Africa Business, a strong argument was made for the potential of the gaming industry in Africa.

The global video game industry accounts for about $ 100 billion. 27% of these revenues come from mobile games.

Yes, Africa has a huge massive potential considering half a billion of us (500 million) own mobile phones.

It is true that the Video Game industry offers business opportunities to game developers and creates jobs for the African youth. The video game is also a tool that can be used to promote the African culture and tell the African story digitally. Perhaps it is a bit early but not too ambitious to hope that sooner rather than later we’ll need more space in Gaming spaces such as DevCom and Gamescom.

The question is… how does your business tap into this vacuum?