02 Apr

Here are 3 of our Favourite Things about Gmail in honour of its 15th Birthday

Here are 3 of our Favourite Things about Gmail in Honour of its 15th Birthday

Google’s email service, Gmail turns 15 years old this April. It’s a bit hard to ignore Gmail’s role in making email both accessible and functional; more so on the continent.  It might explain the staggering  1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide.

In celebration; Gmail has given its users a few gifts such as the multilingual AI Smart Compose which offers personalised sentence suggestions. Now you don’t need a partner to finish your sentences because well, Gmail can do it just fine. In addition to now being able to schedule emails, Gmail has also added the cool trick of being able to edit and comment on Google Documents right there in your inbox less the additional tab.

Gmail’s launch back in 2004 may have been on the 1st of April but their impact on how we communicate via electronic mail is no knock-knock joke. Despite the kinks; here are four of our favourite things about Gmail!

“It’s Functional”

Ian Mapira: Content Creation Manager – Bhizimusi.com

I like Gmail functionality across Google Services like Google Drive. This works great for sharing and backing up my photos, audio and documents

“Makes my inbox orderly”

Chrispen Charamba: Content Creation Manager – Hallelujahmag.com

Gmail’s labels help me organise with more flexibility. A conversation can have several labels, so you’re not limited to designate one specific folder for emails. You can also create filters to automatically manage incoming mail such as starring messages.

“Private and collaborative”

Munashe Chakaonda: Storytelling Managing Editor 

Gmail has always been my go-to especially the inbuilt hangouts where my community contributors can text and video chat. I also like that I don’t need an assistant since I can set reminders notes and private calendar prompts.

Happy Birthday, Gmail!

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